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    Random Text Chat

    aFreeChat offers users a simple and free way to connect with random strangers for text chat. There are many advantages of using text chat versus webcam chat especially for users that do not want to show themselves or are concerned with their privacy. This feature lets you easily connect with hundreds of strangers and socialize and chat about anything from politics to romance.

    To use random text chat simply login using your Facebook or Twitter account or you can just login in as a guest. Once you are logged in you can chat with everyone in the room, to chat simply type anything in the chat box and press enter. Then other users will be able to respond to you and the conversation can take shape.

    Stranger Chat with Random People

    If you are new to meeting new people on the internet, this is a great way to start. Meeting new people is a fun way to spend your time and a way to find out about people in different parts of the world. The cool part about this feature is you can have endless hours of free fun and communicate in seconds with people in every corner of the world. This is your chance to meet new people, find an online date or even talk about politics, sports or anything of interest to you. So get started now by logging in and let the fun begin!